On business trips, at university or on the way to vacation: there are some situations in which you don’t want to do without fast and stable internet outside of your own home. As a solution, o2 offers my Internet 150, a mobile Homespot router with 150 gigabytes of data volume for EUR 24.99 per month. Is the offer worth it?

Anyone who travels a lot needs mobile Internet with the highest possible data volume. Homespots are perfect for this, as they only have to be plugged into a socket before you can start surfing. For anyone who is still looking for such a mobile Internet solution, o2 currently has a good offer: the Homespot my Internet 150 with 150 gigabytes of data volume for 24.99 euros per month. We clarify for whom the deal is worthwhile – and what alternatives there are.

150 gigabytes of data volume for 24.99 euros per month: The deal at a glance

The o2 my Internet 150 Homespot can be a good solution for anyone who relies on fast internet and a high volume of data not only at home but also on the go. The package includes 150 gigabytes of data for EUR 24.99 per month. If you opt for a contract for 24 months, you can also save the connection price of EUR 49.99. This is what the deal includes:

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Although the offer is not a flat rate, but a limited data volume, the 150 gigabytes are still sufficient for streaming films, playing games or for mobile work. Converted, that makes a price of 0.16 cents per gigabyte. Telephoning and roaming options are also not included in the package. The tariff is therefore not suitable for taking it abroad.

Indispensable accessory: the mobile router

If you decide to use mobile Internet via Homespot, you not only need a good tariff with a high data volume, but also a suitable router. The advantage: You are not dependent on stationary routers, but can watch series or participate in video conferences with a laptop or tablet, for example, regardless of location and very flexibly. All you need is an activated SIM card from a provider. For example, the mobile WLAN router M7350 from TP-Link, which is equipped with a rechargeable battery and with which you can go online with up to ten devices, is popular with many customers and repeatedly well rated.

o2 my Internet 150: For whom the deal is worthwhile

High data volume and a high degree of flexibility for just under 25 euros per month – with this offer, the mobile phone provider o2 is clearly targeting customers who spend a lot of time online. But the deal is also worthwhile for those who do not want to be tied to a permanently installed router at home, travel a lot for work, only live briefly as subrents or work in another city during the week. 150 gigabytes of data is enough for both extensive Netflix sessions and long online gaming evenings. And if you still don’t get by with the data package, there is the option of adding another 15 gigabytes a month for 5 euros.

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