Emu Emmanuel is a star on the internet: the cheeky animal likes to sabotage its owner’s TikTok videos and has won many fans as a result.

Emmanuel raises the alarm: within a few days, an emu from southern Florida has become a star on the internet. The animal lives on a farm there and has made it a specialty to sabotage his owner Taylor Blake’s TikTok videos. Whenever the American wants to record a clip for her channel on the video app, the cheeky emu radios in between.

He drives his owner insane with it. “Emmanuel, don’t do it,” she scolds: “Emmanuel, don’t do it.” The saying has now gained some notoriety on the Internet, the video has already seen nine million people – and they are enthusiastic about the animal. The clips with the emu are so successful that Taylor Blake almost exclusively posts Emmanuel content on her channel “Knuckle Bump Farms”. More than a million people now follow her account.

Emu Emmanuel doesn’t care about his fame

Emmanuel, on the other hand, has become so famous that he was even interviewed by the “Washington Post”. At least the newspaper tried. The seven-year-old Emu just looked at the screen, then looked at Blake and then marched off: “He didn’t want to comment.”

Instead, his owner told a lot about everyday life on the farm and the chaos that Emmanuel unleashes. The videos are not staged, the emu is “obsessed” with the camera – “and obsessed with me. “No matter where I am, he always has to be right next to me,” says Taylor Blake. In a video that was also very successful, the 29th -year-old even gave the emu’s full name: Emmanuel Todd Lopez.Like any strict mother, she only uses it when she’s really angry.

She hadn’t counted on the huge success of the emu videos – and neither had Emmanuel. Nonetheless, Blake is certain his online success hasn’t gone to his head: “Emmanuel is just a down-to-earth guy. I don’t think he cares.”

Sources: Knuckle Bump Farms on TikTok / “Washington Post”