Elon Musk had a penchant for hugely eccentric names when it came to his youngest children. His youngest daughter was born under the name Exa Dark Sideræl. But now her name should be different, Mother Grimes revealed.

Even if you know very little about Tesla founder and Twitter owner Elon Musk, you’ve probably heard that he’s prone to eccentricities. Even when it comes to the names of his children, the choice in recent years has been, well, rather special. After son X Æ A-12, his ex-girlfriend Grimes gave birth to a daughter together. However, she no longer seems to be satisfied with the name she chose at the time: she now only calls the little one “Y”.

This was announced by the singer, who isn’t exactly eccentric to Musk, over the weekend on Twitter. “It’s called Y now. Or ‘Why?’ [English for ‘Why?’, Editor’s note] or just ‘?'” However, the question mark has not been recognized as a name by the authorities, she adds. He stands for “curiosity, the eternal question and so on,” she explains the extremely unusual choice of name.

That’s behind the name

Even the birth name was quite special. The exa stood for exaflops, a unit to measure enormously high computing power in computers, she revealed to Variety last year. “Dark” stands for dark matter, for the unknown. Sideræl, which is based on the elven language, is said to symbolize “the true time of the universe”, “not our relative time on earth”.

The interview was also the first time she ever revealed that she has a second child with Musk. The 35-year-old and the tech billionaire separated at the end of 2021, their daughter was only born after the relationship ended.

The name Y also appeared there for the first time, but only as a kind of nickname. The fact that she only addresses a child with one letter seems a little less strange in the conversation. She only calls her son X Æ A-12 “X” there, Musk is only mentioned by her as the father of the two children as “E”.

Sources: Twitter, Vanity Fair