Children become symbols of the riots in the United States

“Warriors of justice” — so the American left-liberal media and bloggers present the appearance of children on the streets, covered the demonstrations and the riots. Banal considerations of security in such publications is not saying a word. As well as the fact that children can become victims of radical provocateurs.

a Small dark-skinned girl, in the marching crowd of protesters, apparently works on the camera — much anger in her voice and the look! “No justice, no peace, No justice, no peace,” — chanting it.

“I think it is criminal in the first place by the parents, — says journalist Julia Vityazev. — God forbid, some kind of crush-shove-everything! Yes, the same provocateurs, for whom this tidbit… and then all social media are full of scary, tearful stories: the wounded child…”.

Live with other young “activist” whites have put her mother, who behind the scenes is asking protesters to be without them did not start. The girl, crying, says, “White people, you’re acting wrong, very wrong. Black life should be valued the same as the lives of white people!”

somehow don’t expect a nine year old child such statements. And dark-skinned protester unlikely she came up with a slogan about justice.

“Even if it is not staged in its pure form, is the use of children in such a setting. Why is it necessary? We see that black kid and white girl — they are, in General, are on one side. These actions are easy to see political strategists of the Democratic party,” — said the Deputy Director of the Institute of history and policy of the Moscow state pedagogical University, Vladimir Shapovalov.

This technique is known. Remember the girl Banu from Aleppo, that great English allegedly scribbling on Twitter hundreds of posts from the area where there was electricity, about how bad Russians and Assad oppressed “freedom fighters” (this is about terrorists).

“As it turned out, she did it Mama, but then we heard speak English mother, and crept in doubt that it was her — and eventually the experts came to the conclusion that this is a project that was carried out deliberately to incite, says a political observer of the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Abbas Juma. The same can be said about the black girl or white girl, who was crying and called to pour ashes on his head. Use them; yet they did not understand, and it’s creepy!”

In Syria, children were used in the video staging, as alleged victims of chemical attacks. White helmets tried.

White helmets used in their staged videos of Syrian children, one of the most famous — with Hassan Diaby. This little boy in General for a handful of dates involved in the production. He created a campaign against Syria and against Russia”, — says Vladimir Shapovalov.

In 2015 the death of three-aylana Curls, who drowned in the attempt of his family to cross the Mediterranean sea, made a symbol of the tragedy of migrants, who later became a headache for Europe.

the Ukrainian Maidan in the very beginning, broke out after police dispersed students at the Independence square in 2013. The same meme – “they are children”. And now in the States playing with fire. Tool for political assault on the White house began children’s tears and children’s anger.