The US director introduces his two-year-old to moving images. However, the boy has only seen one film, and that in bits and pieces over several days.

The US director Quentin Tarantino (59) likes to watch the British children’s series “Peppa Pig” with his two-year-old son Leo. “I’ll just say it – Peppa Pig is the greatest British import of this decade,” Tarantino told Britain’s Empire magazine in Thursday’s issue.

Tarantino said his son was “pretty young.” That’s why Leo has only seen one film so far – the animated comedy “I – Despicable Me 2”. “He seemed interested in the opening credits,” Tarantino said. So he let his son play the first 20 minutes of the film – until it was time to go to the park. The next day, they watched another 15 minutes, and over the course of a week, Leo bit by bit watched the first film of his life.

Tarantino, who has lived in Israel for several years, has become world-famous for films such as “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, “Django Unchained” and “Kill Bill”. He and his wife, the Israeli singer Daniella Pick (38), became parents for the second time in early July.