China called on Twitter to fight misinformation against China

In the course of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 China has become the largest victim of misinformation, and Twitter will have to respond to it. This was stated to journalists by the official representative of Chinese foreign Ministry Hua Chunying.

Earlier it was reported that Twitter has blocked and submitted to the registry of alleged propaganda sites more than 32 thousand accounts from China, Russia and Turkey, reports RIA Novosti. Russia, for example, attributed 1152 account related, according to Twitter, with the site “Current politics”. The lock objects in the two network, allegedly linked to China and one to Turkey.

the Efforts and progress of China in the fight against COVID-19 have been recognized throughout the world, people without prejudices, who have no evil intentions toward China, see and appreciate, said Hua Chunying. However, if someone praises China’s efforts in combating the epidemic of the coronavirus, it is considered misinformation. Misinformation is a fake, a lie, intentionally fabricated data or rumors.

After the outbreak of coronavirus, the world has become a lot of individuals and forces, slandering China and blacken it, said Hua Chunying, and if Twitter really want to take action against the misinformation, the company should lock the accounts, slandering and attacking China.

According to the representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry, it “it is curious that Twitter’s doing to do about the information” distributed from the United States, and it is unclear how the meaning of the concept of double standards, ideological prejudices and misunderstandings if these accounts allowed to exist.

China opposes the proliferation of misinformation and calls the world to strengthen solidarity and to combat the spread of false information, said Hua Chunying. It is necessary to “political viruses” could not find a place to hide.

On the question of the press about whether blocked personal account Hua Chunying on Twitter, she replied in the negative.

At the end of may on Twitter complained the US President Donald trump. According to him, this social network has made it “his goal”. He accused Twitter that the social network encourages the promotion of China and the US Democratic party against him personally and of the Republican party.