China does not allow the second wave. The United States continues a

China is the main political event of the year, opened the annual session of the Supreme legislative body of the country of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives. China sums up and defines the priorities for the future. It is clear that the emphasis is on the recovery of the economy badly affected because of the epidemic.

the session has already sounded the main thing: the Chinese economy has survived and is recovering. Although exact figures of GDP growth for the current year first named. While China, as voiced at the session, is pumping into its economy nearly a trillion dollars of business support.

In such circumstances, the most numerous in the world, the Parliament never intended. Because of the start of the political season in China had to be postponed for two and a half months. But what he started with, is perceived as a symbol of victory over the epidemic.

To complete victory — clearly — is still far away. And in the hall without a mask — only senior management. In memory of the victims of the epidemic three thousand delegates bow their heads in a minute of silence. China took the first coronavirus and the first shot begins to recover. And how he will do it, closely followed by the whole world.

“China has been able to contain the epidemic of the coronavirus in such a short time, only by overcoming enormous difficulties. Success has given China a great price. But it was the price we had to pay,” said Premier of the state Council of China Li Keqiang.

because of coronaries China lost in the economy by almost 7%. That is a lot, especially for a country which every year arranges a race for numbers. But this time, for the first time in almost thirty years their growth forecasts decided not to put too many factors in the world.

the people of China are caught on TV every word. This year China was planning to finally defeat poverty and to build a society — as they say here – “average prosperity”. It’s a Chinese dream, to give up which the authorities will notfleeced even when budget deficit.

In the village of Xinggong local residents grow organic peaches are already on the branches, each specially wrapped packages to precisely no chemistry. After the battle with the virus — the battle for the harvest. In their village poverty coped many years ago. “We have been using the gas, although many towns still stoked with coal,” — said local residents.

But the critical feature in China there are still 5.5 million people. Therefore, all the forces in China will be thrown to the support of those who need it now especially. For business reduce VAT and contributions to various funds. To stabilize the market, China will stimulate domestic consumption and to invest in those industries that will enable us to reach a new level of technology. On the initiatives launched Parliament the Chinese students even made a rap, and Russian.

a Lot in the report about the health care system will be reformed. After all, as acknowledged by Premier Li Keqiang, the pandemic “reveals flaws in the mechanisms of response”. Even the chief epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan, who live in American by CNN said: when I first arrived in Wuhan, I realized that local party officials had underestimated the threat.

“the Local authorities didn’t want to tell the truth. In the beginning they were silent, and then I said, we probably infected more people,” said Zhong Nanshan.

This is the statement of China as the official position, because the academician Zhong in China, a national hero. After his report in Wuhan immediately flew party heads, and the province was closed for quarantine.

Now, when China has almost single-handedly almost coped with the epidemic, he holds the world the hand and will allocate two billion dollars to support the economies of the countries affected by the pandemic. Head of China at the meeting who reminded colleagues by video conference: Beijing always acts openly.

“We reported the sequenceti the genome of the virus as quickly as possible. We have shared with the world of containment measures and treatment methods. We did everything in our power to support and assist the needy countries,” said Chinese President XI Jinping.

China is not against an objective international investigation into the causes of the rapid spread of the virus across the planet. But only after a pandemic will be able to cope. Thus their investigation in China led from the beginning, including in the Virology laboratory in Wuhan, for possible leaks. They were not.

“It’s pure fiction. Our Institute received clinical sample unknown pneumonia on December 30 last year. After we checked out the pathogen, we found that it contains the new coronavirus, which was previously not generally known. How he could leak from our lab, if we never had it?” said van of Agni, Director Zhenskogo Institute of Virology.

For US all is not an argument. There are still “viral” attacks on China and again turned to economic sanctions. For them, Beijing is going to react. It sounded at session of the NPC. The Americans, of course, drew attention to the fact that your defense budget is China, despite the difficult financial situation increases.

But most of all the disturbances in the West caused bill to Chinese national security. It says including on the avoidance of foreign interference in the Affairs of Hong Kong, because the principle of “one China policy” China remains unshakable. But, judging by the tone of the statements, United States, this principle is willing to question. How questioning methods and the Chinese fighting the epidemic. Although they allow to avoid the second wave. After all, if even the slightest flashes of entire areas here will immediately close. Here and in the village Xinggong all the time — no one is infected, but tight control even here saveis to effectively in all.

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