Question: What do you offer with your Start-up “Christiane”?

I offer day trips and Two day-tours in Bavaria, for small groups up to 8 people. There are prepared trips, for example to visit to the Danube gorge in Kelheim with Befreiungshalle and weltenburg monastery, to register individuals or groups. On the other there are tours for individual groups, for example, for golfers, hikers, and also for small Teams that want to do outside of their company and experiencing. I fulfill heart’s desires, if people want to go to a place of memory (almost no matter where). These are great as a gift for birthdays, weddings or wedding anniversary and Christmas.

How it’s actually come to this idea what the idea was?

The idea came not of myself, but of good friends. That was three years ago, when I organized a week-long Bavaria tour for two friendly Cycling clubs from Germany and France and carried out. Did you mean: “Christiane, if you are no longer working with your company, then please professionally to do”. And so it came then, too.

+ a specialist for special trips – founder Christiane Drews of the “Christiane”.© Chamber of Commerce and industry for Munich and upper Bavaria

How could you help in the run-up to the establishment of the chamber of industry and Commerce or the fair existence? How is the idea a viable business model to grow up.

I have worked extensively with the theme of self-reliance and have found a lot of information on the chamber of industry and Commerce-Munich website. The EXISTENCE in the last year had very many offers and topics that have interested me and which I thought was very important for my company, such as, for example, the Crowdfunding for the Bus or the question: what must I do to be on Google on the first page. Also, the topic of Internet Marketing with Social Media and co. was super interesting. Last but not least, I was to be found in the lecture of Emil Hofmann on the topic of “customer delight”, the most important issue, because in the end, I’m satisfied customers are happy to come back. At the fair, I’ve only experienced professionals as speakers who know what they are talking about. The information from the Workshops have encouraged me, then, the path to go, and so I came out to my Coach, has accompanied me in the self-employment. The basis for a successful Foundation trust and cooperation with the consultants.

Where do you see the classic “pitfalls” that many founders need help?

I’m here as a newcomer came in. That said, I have done my volunteer work, plan trips and organise, ultimately, to the profession. I had not know the operating specialist how people who have learned and been for years. Here is quite important in the advance comprehensively smart to the personal and technical prerequisites are needed to the business to implement the idea. Good advice by the chamber of Commerce, the Business Angels, or a Business Coach is therefore essential.

What are your biggest challenges were during their start-up phase?

reasons, is a full-time Job. There is a lot to learn New things and to keep track of different requirements at the same time to start pouring. As in real life there is also at the Foundation of UPS and Downs. Tricky stages, I have overcome the fact that I have always motivated myself again, because I know that the self-employed with this business idea the right way to go for me. I have received a lot of support from family, friends, and Acquaintances who are now eager to see how my idea developed.

How did your Startup “Christiane”? They are reports in the forthcoming existence.

Up to now my Start Up is developing according to Plan – my maiden voyage, Bach went to alder in Bavaria: a warm, Sunny day in August. On Board I had my neighbours and my neighbours and to drink, of course, enough and to read about our trip. We have the animal and bird Park in Irgenöd visited and after lunch, the brewery and the ASAM Church in Aldersbach. It was nice for all of us and this is what I want to achieve, when I’m with people on the go.

“Startups live”

The founder of the fair chamber of Commerce and industry EXISTENCE on Saturday, 10. November, 9.30 am to 17.30 PM, in the MOC Munich, Lilienthalallee 40, this year under the Motto “Startups live”. In addition to a stage programme, numerous Workshops and lectures are offered.

Around 100 lectures and Workshops on topics related to business plan, funding, funding opportunities, Marketing / sales or legal and tax issues, as well as over 40 exhibitors will young entrepreneurs to provide all the info for a successful laying of the cornerstone of your company. Young entrepreneurs and those who want it can get at the chamber of Commerce and industry EXISTENCE of valuable tips and information for business creation and management. You will also learn on our stage in Live coverage of Startups and more on the way to your own company and about what it’s like to be self-employed. The Moderation Vera Cornette.


welcome/ panel discussion: The opening of the chamber of Commerce and industry EXISTENCE of Minister of state, Franz Josef Pschierer assumes, in the subsequent panel discussion, experts of the promotion-discuss how LfA, Bavaria, capital or BayStartUp opportunities, such as the Start of your own business is Finance. And in the lecture programme and the exhibition, there are important tips and assistance from experts, as well as a number of practical examples already in the morning, for example, in the case of the customeracquisition help and can be implemented.

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