The “Addams Family” gets a sequel in series form with “Wednesday”. Christina Ricci praises the new Wednesday.

A few days ago, the streaming provider Netflix introduced the new leading actress in the planned series “Wednesday” – the continuation of the series of the popular horror comedy “Addams Family” from the 90s. Jenna Ortega (19), who will embody the morbid teenage Wednesday, has now received her blessing from the top: Christina Ricci (42), who played the girl always dressed in black in both films, is enthusiastic about her in an interview with “Variety”. successor.

“Jenna is amazing,” Ricci fueled the fans’ anticipation. “It’s a great modern take on Wednesday.” At the same time, Ortega and the entire series “true the heart and soul” of the original. Ricci himself will also play in the series, but in which role is still a secret.

A colorful mix of genres with an all-star cast

The cast is well-known – not only thanks to the return of the iconic “ice-cold hand”, which can also be seen in the short teaser for the series. Catherine Zeta-Jones (52) will embody Wednesday’s mother, family matriarch Morticia, while Luis Guzmán (65) will play her husband Gomez. Meanwhile, “Game of Thrones” star Gwendoline Christie (43) can be seen as the principal of the local university, who apparently has her own bones to pick with the Addams.

In the description of “Wednesday”, the series comes across as a mixture of horror comedy, coming-of-age and detective-mystery. The tranquil homeland of Nevermore is apparently shaken by a series of murders while the title character is being trained in her supernatural arts. The series is scheduled to start in the fall of this year.