the Actress Christina Schollin, 80, had earlier in the year, find out she suffered from atrial fibrillation after a she took part in a study on the kvinnohjärtan.

She, herself, is an ambassador for the “1,6 miljonerklubben”, an association of women’s health and it was in the context of their study, which she herself drew attention to their problems. With the help of a small hjärtmonitor she could read his ECG and quickly see the results.

Now she hopes to help others to discover the problems in time.

” this with the stroke and heart problems it can be discovered in young ages. It is not just older people who suffer. It is a very important study that I’m in, “she says and continues:

” saving lives in this way.

Cardiovascular disease is the single most common cause of death in both women and men – and she now invites others to check his heart.

– You can check their ECG at home and it goes on five minutes to put the little device. If it then shows an irregular heart beat which mn did when I checked, then you should go to a cardiologists who do a proper investigation. You should also check his pulse and you have to take care of themselves no matter how old you are, ” she says.

Live as active life as before

Christina Schollin have previously told you that she doesn’t feel scared, but that it is important to disseminate more information about hjärtproblemen. Research has shown that health care professionals often miss the women’s symptoms. She also goes to a cardiologists, who watch her regularly.

the Actress and tv personality tells us that she lives just as before.

– You do not need to live differently. It is clear that if you have been a smoker then you should quit, and if you have lived a unhealthy lifestyle, then you should add on the diet or what it is. Now of course I’ve never done it. I don’t need to change my habits, ” she says.

In their daily lives to notice Christina Schollin not of hjärtproblemen at all – she lives a exactly the same active life as before.

” in Particular, should you move. Exercise is to be done. This summer I had a personal trainer who trained me in strength and endurance and balance. I think that is very important. It is important to hold in shape and keep in time. You should also be alert in the head, so you should have different interests. I have plenty of things going on all the time. I do not need to change it. I think it is very important to have a positive approach to life. You should go in, that nothing is impossible and that it is never too late for anything, “she says, and continues:

” How old you are, it is never too late to change or to start something new. The most important thing is home and family and near and dear ones and be positive to everything.

Christina Schollin: “Write my memoirs”

in Addition to its participation in the Wahlgrens world, she has a blog and a Instagramkonto with 50 000 followers where she shares health advice and thoughts about life.

” I have gone and become influences on the old days. I believe that it is only younger people who are working on it but I think I’m so young so I can also. It is about being a role model, ” she says, and then reveals:

And so, I am writing my memoirs which will come out eventually.