Top model Cindy Crawford gets emotional and nostalgic on Instagram. The reason: son Presley Gerber is celebrating his 23rd birthday.

Cindy Crawford (56) has reason to celebrate – or much more her son Presley Gerber (23). The model turned 23 on July 2nd. On Instagram, Crawford congratulates her son with two sweet snapshots and loving words.

“Happy 23rd birthday Presley Gerber! I love you so much and can’t wait to see what this year has in store for you,” the supermodel wrote. Crawford first shared a black-and-white childhood photo of Presley holding a small, longer-haired dog.

Another picture shows Presley Gerber, who is now grown up, beaming in a sports outfit and with a cap on a terrace. This time with a bulldog licking his face.

Funny post from Sister Kaia Gerber

His sister, Kaia Gerber (20), also insists on congratulating her big brother on his big day. “Happy birthday moron,” she jokes on Instagram, posting an old photo of herself and Presley with her brother still sporting long blonde hair.