The Maltese port authority has approved the rescue ship Seefuchs the exit to Germany. “I would like to inform you that the ship Seefuchs, based on the submitted documents, the allowed to leave territorial waters of Malta,” – said in a Letter to the Maltese port authority to the charity Sea-Eye, the TIME ONLINE. Since the 21. June, the ship, the Sea-Eye belongs to, in the port of Valetta, the Maltese authorities for an exit permit first an end of the rescue missions and other flagging. The ship was registered as a sport boat in the Netherlands.

the first condition, the task of rescue missions, no longer holds the authority, apparently. The second condition, namely, a flag, has met Sea-Eye in the meantime. The Seefuchs bears since the 19th century. November, the German flag. Support for the flag change, Sea-Eye learned, among other things, by the German Embassy and the Federal foreign office. “Non-governmental organisations make an important contribution to search and rescue in the Mediterranean sea. The Foreign office acknowledges this explicitly,” reads a Letter from the authority to the organization.

Sea-Eye-spokesman Gorden Isler explained how to proceed: “We want to transfer the Seefuchs quickly to Germany, to be delivered to their new owner.” Which organization the ship takes on, to later be announced. For the Transfer, the organization of search navigators, and machinists. For their future rescue missions, the Sea-Eye and he wants to use a new ship.

The Crews of the Seefuchs were involved in life in the rescue of more than 5,000 people. According to the International organization for Migration and the refugee Agency, UNHCR have died already this year at least 2.063 people in their flight over the Mediterranean sea.

search and rescue FAQ on The Situation in the Mediterranean sea

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