Straight from the pan to the plate: scrambled eggs are a real treat.

But the dish doesn’t always turn out perfectly. Although it’s actually not difficult to prepare. But a few small mistakes can downright ruin a scrambled egg.

Whether the scrambled eggs turn out perfectly also depends on which kitchen utensil you use to stir them in the pan. You should avoid using a wooden spoon.

A rubber or silicone spatula (also called a dough scraper) is a better kitchen tool for this.

There are also several reasons why a wooden spoon is not suitable for scrambled eggs: It could stick to the beaten egg mixture. After each stirring you would have to wipe the wooden spoon off the edge of the pan, which therefore requires a lot of effort. On the other hand, most wooden spoons cannot be easily pushed between the eggs and the pan to turn the scrambled eggs.

Things are completely different with a silicone spatula – it reaches all corners of the pan better and there are no problems when stirring the scrambled eggs. The scrambled eggs are then fried more evenly and can be removed perfectly from the pan – which also makes washing up much easier.

In order for the scrambled eggs to be perfect, there are a few other things you should consider.

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