Long journeys and flights are not only a real test of patience for children – parents also suffer from the hours of travel. To bridge boredom, travel games are the ideal holiday companion for families, singles and couples. They fit in every suitcase and provide the necessary variety.

In contrast to normal board games, travel games are kept extra small so that they can be stowed away more easily in your luggage. In terms of scope, the travel sizes offer the same fun as their big siblings – everything is just much more compact. This applies to the packaging as well as the content, so there are no restrictions when playing on vacation. Below we present ten different travel games that are suitable for children and adults alike.

1. Game collection

This wooden box contains several travel games that are reminiscent of popular classics such as “Four in a Row”, “Mensch ärgere dich nicht”, “Chess” and “Mastermind”. They go under a different name, but the gameplay is the same. Alternatively, there is a magnetic game collection.

2. One

Admittedly, this is not a real travel size – but the card game should not be missing on vacation. Because the packaging is so handy that it can be easily stowed away in any suitcase: Uno is suitable for two to ten players and is recommended for ages seven and up.

3. Scrabble

In its compact version, Scrabble is the ideal travel game for on the go: The small, non-slip game board can be used in the car, on the train or on the plane. The principle remains the same here – words must be formed, letters laid out and as many points as possible scored.

4. Activity

Action is the order of the day in this travel game, so it’s more suitable for the holiday itself than for the journey – due to its compact size. Activity is recommended for three to 16 players aged 12 and over and provides lots of fun and variety. As usual, terms have to be drawn, pantomimed or paraphrased.

5. Gimmick

The Kniffel dice classic, which is also available in a practical travel size, should not be missing from any game collection. It contains a case with a pad, mug and pencils – including an additional pad. According to the manufacturer, two to eight players (from the age of eight) can play the dice at the same time.

6. Stadt-Land-Family

In this family edition of “Stadt-Land-Fluss” you will find 23 different categories with three levels of difficulty: for eight to ten year olds, eleven to thirteen year olds and from 14 years of age. A total of twelve game rounds, each with nine categories per sheet, provide you with fun and games for the whole family.

7. Chess/Mills

The two strategy games chess and mill are also made of pine and birch wood and in a small holiday size. While the editions are equally suitable for beginners and advanced players, this set also has a downside: it’s only suitable for two players (ages six and up).

8. Qreal

It was game of the year 2011 – and is still very popular today. So it’s hardly surprising why Qwirkle ranks among the travel games: Available in a handy format, this edition is suitable for two to four players. Anyone who prefers strategic thinking is well served here.

9. Backgammon

If you like playing backgammon, you don’t have to go without it even on vacation: this travel set contains everything you need for the game: a foldable backgammon board, the game pieces and dice. According to the manufacturer, the recommended age is at least six and a maximum of 99 years.

10. Battle ships

Last but not least, this classic should not be missing from the list of practical travel games: “Battleship” is all about skill and strategy. The edition intended for two players (8 years and older) is delivered in a handy format and therefore fits in any suitcase or travel bag.

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