Update of 22. November: The cleaning lady, the money, jewelry and expensive watches of the families in the room Starnberg had stolen, for three years and ten months in prison. The judges of the land court of Munich II condemned the woman on Thursday because of especially serious cases of theft.

The Prosecutor requested four years and six months in prison, the lawyer of the accused is less than four years. The court of the benefit of expecting the woman’s confession and cooperation.

The total value of the damage was higher than expected: The woman stole money and goods worth a total of about 530 000 euros.

Original message: maid in the thief-to-noise: she steals more than 400,000 euros

Munich – Who has a cleaning force, and is aware of the concern: What if the Person is unsupervised, in my house on the road, let something go? In Starnberg, exactly, is happening now, but on a larger scale, as would be expected, the most ever.

Instead of a few hundred euros, was a cleaning lady now, to have cash, jewellery and other luxury items to the value of over 400,000 euros stolen. Before the regional court Munich II admitted on Wednesday that the allegations of the Prosecutor’s office. Only some of the stolen valuables, including several expensive luxury handbags, could no longer remember.

Starnberg: Thieving cleaning lady gives under a false name, access to houses

The defendant should have hired according to the public Prosecutor’s office under a false name in the case of families in the Region Starnberg as a cleaning lady. While she cleaned the houses, admitted the 39-Year-old in a large scale cash and valuables from the houses: jewelry, a Rolex watch, cufflinks, silver Cutlery and handbags were the long-fingered cleaning lady to the victims. Their employer had found the 39-Year-old on the Internet portals such as Ebay classifieds, and posted.

Thieving cleaning lady is not an isolated case – and- Online-portals provide protection

Thieving Cleaners, there are always. In Taufkirchen, a 58-year-old cleaning woman was recently become the case, the steel about two years of cash and jewelry from the deceased husband of her 90-year-old employer. The Elderly woman came to the cleaning lady, using a clever Trick on the bottom.

However, the portals for Cleaners offer Online always evaluation possibilities. Who hires cleaners with satisfied customers and to be reviewed from time to time, if the reviews remain positive, and should be able to avoid filching cleaners.

Who wants to be on the safe side, contact the police. The officials warn, if the thieving Cleaners offer their services. In Puchheim, the savings Bank, prevented, moreover, that two cleaning ladies with a stolen debit card 4500 Euro from the account of a 91-Year-old took off. It also happens that the plaster forces the thief to prevent steels.