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Climate change: Large bush fires broke out near Athens


Large-scale operation for the fire brigade in Athens. A bush fire near the Greek metropolis damaged several houses. Growing difficulties are expected due to climate change.

The Greek fire brigade brought a large bush fire on the coast not far from the capital Athens under control on Sunday night.

According to the fire brigade, several hundred residents of the posh suburb of Ano Voula had to be evacuated because of the heavy smoke. According to the civil defense, the flames damaged several houses. At first there were no injuries.

According to the fire brigade, around 300 emergency services with 65 vehicles as well as two firefighting helicopters and two airplanes were on site. “Because of climate change, this summer will be very difficult,” said Minister Christos Stylianides, responsible for civil protection, on state television.

According to a spokesman for the fire brigade, 61 fires broke out nationwide on Saturday. According to the weather office, temperatures around 36 degrees Celsius and strong winds prevailed in Athens at the weekend.

Huge fires in the summer of 2021 destroyed large parts of the forests in northern Athens and almost a quarter of the forests on the second largest Greek island of Euboea (also Evia). Fire brigades from numerous European countries helped with the extinguishing work.

This summer, firefighters from Germany and five other European countries are to be stationed in Greece to contain the forest fires. The aid program is funded by the EU, reported Greek state television.