In the reality show “Club der Gute Laune” Jenny Elvers got into a chat – and spoke very openly about her drunk TV appearance in an NDR program from 2012.

This appearance was a turning point in Jenny Elvers’ life: Ten years ago, the actress took part in the NDR program “Das!” on the red sofa next to presenter Bettina Tietjen Platz – and shocked the viewers with her drunken state. Elvers slurred, giggled, knocked over a glass of water. Afterwards she confessed her alcohol addiction – and went into rehab. The live performance saved her life, she said later. Now she has spoken again about this memorable day in her life.

In the Sat1 reality show “Club der Gute Mood” she got into a chat with her show colleague Julian F. M. Stoeckel. At the time she thought: “Oh, that’s still possible!”, She remembered. “I wasn’t the first and I won’t be the last to at least sit drunk on the show. But I was full! Let’s not kid ourselves!” Elvers said now.

Jenny Elvers thought: “You’re a professional, you can do it!”

Particularly sad: although Elvers realized at the time that she was drunk, she did not cancel, overestimated herself. “I realized that the second the driver picked me up. I got dressed up and thought, ‘Not good! But you’re a professional, you can do it.'”

Today Elvers is dry and has even written a book about her difficult time as an alcoholic. “Basically, I think that’s a problem that so many people struggle with. I think I can be a role model there – finally in life,” said the 50-year-old in an interview Stoeckel. The actress has her life under control again and even found a new love on “Club der Gute Mood”: There was a spark between her and singer Marc Terenzi on the show. The two are now a couple.

The subject of alcohol always accompanies Jenny Elvers. “It’s a part of me and it will always be a part of me,” she said.