Cold civil war: experts assess what is happening in America

Recently, “Saturday News” quoted an article in the newspaper The New York Times and, unfortunately, not wrong, predicting that it will be the beginning of a new Saga. The article was based on the fact that a division of Russian military intelligence GRU bribes in Afghanistan, militants of the Taliban, to kill American military, although for some reason in an American newspaper they were called in the British manner — “commando” — probably for flair. Since then released the second article. It named Afghan, who suddenly unexpectedly quickly enriched — Rahmat Azizi. The Congress sounded the requirement to impose sanctions personally against Putin and Shoigu. What’s next? Comments for “Vesti on Saturday” addressed to the people, truly knowledgeable. This veteran not a military but a political intelligence Colonel Bezrukov, many years Russian Ambassador to Afghanistan Kabulov, Senator Kosachev and the political scientist said.

– Why the Russian intelligence service by the hands of the Taliban to kill American military in Afghanistan?

– Russian intelligence has nothing to do with. First, the Taliban do not need to motivate to kill Americans. They’ve been doing it 19 years, and completely free, explained Colonel Andrey Bezrukov, a member of the Presidium of the Council on foreign and defense policy.

the foreign Ministry on Smolensk-Sennaya — here’s where to go next. Ambassador Zamir Kabulov many years headed the Russian Embassy in Kabul.

I’m not a military expert, but still ended the military Department. Therefore, logical reasoning. In Tajikistan, the 201st Russian base. She looks at Afghanistan. In any large military formation is intelligence. Surely Russian intelligence officers crossed the Afghan border and there are survey works, — said Kabulov. — We embark on a slippery slope, I guess.

Why the Russian military to bribe Taliban to kill Americans? In fact, the Taliban are, in this case, the threat to the Russiantheir war in Tajikistan.

– there is no Need absolutely, you’re right, and I will try to explain the logic.

Here, however, immediately add the opinion of political analyst Fyodor Lukyanov, Chairman of the Presidium of the SWAP. “As for Afghanistan, I think, in the United States has already formed such a tacit consensus that it is absolutely bad business,” said Lukyanov.

the Main enemies – the Taliban, contact with which in Moscow and did not hide. The word – parliamentarian Konstantin Kosachev, Chairman of the Committee of Federation Council on international Affairs.

– With the Taliban we can deal?

– With the Taliban must be dealt with, — said Kosachev.

– Necessary because the Taliban are enemies of America, and now it was her turn to lose his war in Afghanistan?

– no. In fact, it is the Americans themselves and went on to not just establish contact with the Taliban, and most recently to publicly sign an agreement with them: you don’t shoot anymore, and we derive the troops.

– a year and a half ago they offered us (we didn’t ask, they offered us to co-operate) in order that they are withdrawing troops — said Zamir Kabulov.

– the Americans offered?

– Yes, suggested: “can We work together?” We said, “we Will give.” But once it’s done, they leave, why should we spend money to hypothetically kill American soldiers when they leave?

But now that I hear about Afghanistan the average American?

– the Logic of all charges which are put forward against Russia for quite some time, comes from the one axiom that Russia, specifically Putin, there is one great purpose — to inflict maximum damage to America at any cost, at any point, at any cost, — said Fyodor Lukyanov.

But the speaker of the house of representatives Democrat Nancy Pelosi re-connects Russia and Putin with trump. “We must impose sanctions on Russia. And we must do it right now! The President of the United States — our commander in chief. He should be able to make decisions that directly affect the security of our country. And to do that, it needs to have the information. The fact that he ignored such important information during a briefing session, is a violation of official duties,” said Pelosi.

– Publication of The New York Times looks like a very well thought out political move, but politically the inner. Because the picture — the evil foreign dictator, enemy of America impresses the bandits to kill American soldiers heroes, and Supreme commander to spit on all wanted and pretends it’s not happening — she is beautiful for the election campaign. In fact, we see that it is already unwound, — said Fyodor Lukyanov.

sorry for such details about the lady, but Nancy Pelosi 80 years. She looks beautiful, but ugly spent trying to impeach. For her current story — a foul of last hope, said Andrey Bezrukov. “She’s such a dinosaur that sees the meteorite flying and realizes that left long,” he said.

In America raging cold civil war And progresses to the election it will be used the most unsavory means, — said, in turn, Lukyanov.

the Diplomat Kabulov believes that people like Pelosi don’t even know on whose mill pour water.

– These countless kickbacks from the projects that were there. These include those wonderful American intelligence that our accused of something in the drug trafficking. They have planes from Kandahar from Bagram fly without checking in anywhere — in Germany, in Romania. A business like this. Every Afghan will tell you, even the lazy ready on the subject to talk about. It is an open secret that everyone already stuffed on edge, all take it for granted, explained Kabulov.

– Americans for nearly 20 years has acquired there are all sorts of relationships, including the shadow, — said Konstantin Kosachev.

Leaving here on these conditions, US capitulate. That is, they recognize that this war was what is called about nothing. Good that they recognized. But, of course, in this situation, to use this theme also as a political weapon against someone a little inappropriate, — says Fyodor Lukyanov.

But then again what is there in Afghanistan doing even your people in America few people understand. And what is being done in Afghanistan americanist Bezrukov think classical information and political operation. From the continuation.

– I think they will show something. Surely they will say that these money were brought out. It’s easy to organize. Not that anyone in Afghanistan had brought from Russia some dollars. And certainly can be some pictures of this man in Moscow with whom someone will call so-and-so. This is part of that for sure if they were planned, they did, — said Bezrukov.

At the same time again: everything happens on the background of the fact that the Americans from Afghanistan are going to leave. And what if after that in the region there is the same vacuum as in the 90?

– the Americans Leave?

“Yes,” said Zamir Kabulov.

– the Taliban return to power?

– the Taliban will return to power as part of a coalition government.

– both Najibullah?

I’m not saying that all the Taliban are white and fluffy, absolutely not. There is a significant segment of the radicals, they have their own logic: “Why should we negotiate with these puppets, when we now will press on, we are still a couple of years to fight, the Americans will run away, we can all take from and not a part of?” There are. But a prudent part, including the guide, which navoyevat, understands that if they try to do so against their will all, including us.

– We have to be ready to any scenarios, including power, — said Konstantin Kosachev.

the September 11 Attacks of 2001 were a prologue to the fact that Russia had even some help America in the overthrow of the Taliban, who were suspected of favoring bin Laden. But who do the Americans will rely upon a possible next crisis after what they let and solving their internal problems and get up in the Russian direction now?

– in General, so sorry to hear this, because I wanted to think that America is a democracy. And something like not come, — said Andrey Bezrukov.

– What to do?

– the Most difficult question how to deal with the state, which thus inventory international relations in a purely private purposes?.. – said Fyodor Lukyanov.