After a visit to the hairdresser, the new hair color shines particularly beautifully. In order to keep it that way for a long time, you should definitely avoid these mistakes.

The hair color is shiny, radiant and the hair looks healthy. After a visit to the hairdresser, one is often happy about a beautiful look and a new hair color. But then the same thing happens again and again within a very short time: the color becomes dull or gets an unsightly gray haze. This is important to ensure that the hair color remains beautiful after dyeing.

Wash with cold water

Dyed hair is best washed with lukewarm or cold water. Shortly after hair coloring, the water temperature for hair washing is crucial. Each strand of hair is surrounded by a cuticle. This ensures that the color stays in the hair structure. Water that is too hot can cause the cuticle layer to open and the fresh color to come off prematurely.

Wash hair less often

Many experts recommend not shampooing the hair for 24 to 48 hours after the color treatment. So that the color pigments can settle properly in the hair. The hair should therefore not be washed too often shortly after dyeing. The more intense and conspicuous the new hair color is, the less often you should wash your hair. Instead of washing your hair every day, washing your hair after going to the hairdresser should be reduced to once a week. In general, it is better for healthy hair not to be washed too often. Dry shampoo can be used for the intervals between hair washes.

Use the right care products

The wrong shampoo or conditioner can also cause the new hair color to fade or become dull more quickly. In order for the color to retain its shine for as long as possible, the hair needs intensive care. Care products that have been specially developed for colored hair and contain rich natural extracts that protect the hair from moisture loss are best suited. A conditioner ensures that the hair structure is better sealed.

If you also want to do something good for your hairstyle, you can also apply a hair treatment once a week. When buying styling and care products for colored hair, it is important to make sure that they do not contain silicone. As a result, moisture can no longer penetrate the hair and the structure becomes brittle.

Allow colored hair to air dry

After washing, the hair should never be rubbed dry with a towel. This only roughens the stressed hair structure further. Instead, you should gently press dry the freshly colored hair with a towel and then let it air dry if possible. You should avoid hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons for the time being.

Special summer tip

Another hair care tip especially for the summer: If you have freshly colored hair, you should definitely avoid excessive exposure to the sun. The UV radiation attacks the hair structure and causes the color to fade. You should also avoid too much salt and chlorinated water contact. This also attacks the hair surface and causes premature loss of shine. When on vacation, it is best to always wash your hair thoroughly with cold water after a day of swimming in the sea or pool.