Columnist Forbes: trump two hands ruining everything that made its predecessors

the head of the White house Donald trump with his own hands ruining bilateral relations between the United States and Russia. This opinion was expressed by columnist of Forbes Ariel Cohen in the program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov”, commenting on the statement of the President of the US announced withdrawal from the international agreement on open skies for Russia.

While trump thinks that Russia and China together will have parity with the United States. “Most likely, neither Russia nor China will not do” — said Cohen.

Columnist for Forbes has no idea how the US will resolve the issue of nuclear arms control.

“Pakistan has a growing Arsenal of medium-range missiles, he said. — There are reports that Iran may obtain nuclear weapons, but also close to developing Intercontinental ballistic missiles.”

“60 years was a process of arms control. The Soviet Union and America fought, they reconciled and competed. And now, that pillar of the mutual bilateral relations, which has been since John Kennedy, collapsed,” — said the expert.