Comedian: After Pocher’s slap in the face: Fat Comedy reports from prison – his lawyer denies


    What does Fat Comedy actually do? After his slap in the face for Oliver Pocher, he initially apologized in a joint video with his lawyer. According to his own statements, he is now in prison. However, his lawyer cannot confirm this.

    After the slap scandal, comedian Fat Comedy initially became quiet. As a reminder: Oliver Pocher attended Felix Sturm’s boxing match against Istvan Szili a few weeks ago. While he was sitting in the front row, the comedian Fat Comedy suddenly stepped up to him and slapped him. Everything is documented because a Fat Comedy companion filmed the incident and posted it online.

    Although everything seemed staged, Fat Comedy later resisted this depiction in a joint video with his lawyer. The act was “spontaneous” and he even wanted to protest “against bullying” with the action because he himself had been bullied before.

    Fat Comedy: Comedian reportedly reports from prison

    How realistic this representation is – Oliver Pocher was not impressed by it. Shortly after the incident, he announced that the matter would be resolved in court “by all means” and that he hoped for the maximum penalty. That’s exactly what seems to have happened if Fat Comedy’s reports are to be believed: The comedian reported on Monday via Instagram story and showed a room with barred windows. In another story, he wrote that he would be “back in 6 months”.

    The photo is said to have been taken while he was in custody. Fat Comedy still had his cell phone with him because “unfortunately, the officers were incompetent.” How realistic this representation really is, everyone may judge for themselves.

    There is clarification from his lawyer: he reports to and explains that his client is “at large”. The representation on Instagram? Could probably be explained by his client’s activity as a comedian. Oliver Pocher would certainly have preferred a different answer.

    Sources: Instagram, Benecken law firm