“A feeling of happiness”. This is how Dieter Hallervorden comments on his marriage to Christiane Zander. The couple has been together for seven years

Actor Dieter Hallervorden (86) got married again. The “Bild am Sonntag” and the “BZ am Sonntag” reported on this.

Accordingly, he said yes to his partner Christiane Zander on Friday in Berlin. “Marriage gives a feeling of happiness. And happiness is the only thing that gets bigger when you share it!” Hallervorden told the “Bild”.

In the wedding picture published by the newspapers, he can be seen in a suit and tied with a rope. Zander pulls – she practically has her groom on a leash. At the wedding, according to “BamS”, Roberto Blanco sang, at the party Hallervorden danced in jeans with his wife, who was wearing a white dress.

Life together as a gift

“For many people, life is a risk,” says Hallervorden. “It starts with them every morning with the first step out of bed and continues on slippery tiles. Christiane and I, on the other hand, see life as a gift that should be enjoyed to the fullest.»

Hallervorden became known in the 1970s with television sketches, later he made films like “His Last Race” and “Honig im Kopf”. In Berlin he directs the Schlosspark Theater and the cabaret «Die Wühlmäuse». He also wants to open a theater in Dessau-Roßlau.

It is the third marriage for Hallervorden, he and Zander have been a couple for seven years. She used to be a stunt woman, is around 30 years younger and now works at the Schlosspark Theater herself. She was also there on the stage. Hallervorden made the relationship public in 2016 in a letter in the “Bild am Sonntag”.

What is the meaning of marriage for the two? Zander told the “BamS” that her last name will now change. “I will have to do a lot of administrative work before the issue is over. I don’t think the relationship itself will change.” Hallervorden said: “It conveys that the confession “I love you” is not just verbally exchanged, but is meant for ever and ever.”