In defense of the 28,000 customers, Volkswagen has built claims to be a bulwark from the lawyers, lucrative Compare and dismissed the lawsuits. The group considers, not for the “law effect” contribute, as long as no Supreme court judge present decision.

And almost in the same breath, it is pointed out that the low number of action willing a sign to the satisfaction of the German VW customers. That such statements can even more anger and disappointment among consumers occur, to hide the Manager in Wolfsburg seem to be aware of.

with the individual success of a plaintiff, from Augsburg, a gap in this car, castle is doing now. For the first time, Volkswagen will have to pay the full purchase price back and can demand no compensation for Usage, even if the customer was for many years with his Diesel on the road. A courageous judge with the previous line of dishes breaking numbers, according to the Diesel driver for the wear and tear of the vehicle.

The citizen on the street, don’t be give anyway, argue plaintiffs ‘ lawyers. Volkswagen wants to have the decision reconsidered. However, the precedent is perhaps some of the civil chamber in the future to think: We judge now!