Compassion for actors: Encouragement from a surprising quarter: women’s rights group speaks out for Johnny Depp


    In the final stretches of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation trial, the actor receives support from Mission NGO. The organization supports women who have become victims of violence.

    Judging by the size of the fan base, Johnny Depp has already won the defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard. The actor’s supporters are vocal, arguing passionately and flooding social media. Now the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star has received support from a surprising source. The Italian organization Mission NGO gave him a statement of courage.

    Johnny Depp: Supporting a women’s rights group

    “As women, we feel compassion and empathy not for THE star, THE talent, THE actor, but for a man, a father, a worker, a PEOPLE,” the statement said. It is particularly important to take care of mental health so that “women and men can love and respect each other without any kind of abuse and violence”. “We are human and we have to find the HUMANITY we were born for,” is the final statement.

    Mission NGO is led by former Miss Italy Valeria Altobelli and is an organization for abused women and children. Depp claims Amber Heard seriously damaged his career with an article in the Washington Post and is suing her. Heard filed a counterclaim.

    Jury will decide

    The trial has been going on for a few weeks and is broadcast live. Heard described on the witness stand how her ex-husband sexually abused her and regularly beat her, he denies all allegations. His lawyers argued that Amber Heard was concerned about Depp’s finances.

    At the end of the lengthy and potentially damaging process for both sides, a twelve-person jury must make a decision. It doesn’t matter how big Johnny Depp’s fan base is. And yet the actor should be happy that his followers continue to support him.

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