Was Amber Heard violent towards her sister? That’s what Johnny Depp testified on the witness stand. The actor described a complicated relationship. Previously, Heard’s sister had heavily accused Depp.

Amber Heard’s sister WhitneyHenriquez played a role in the trial again on Wednesday: according to Johnny Depp, she is said to have been a victim of Amber Heard. The actor testified again on the witness stand yesterday and also addressed Heard’s relationship with her sister.

“I liked her a lot, right from the start,” he said of Henriquez. “She always seemed to get the short end of the stick and I felt sorry for her because it wasn’t new, it’s been her whole life. It was very obvious,” Depp added of Heard’s relationship with her. It was a strange mix of a loving sister on the one hand and lackey on the other. Whitney Henriquez was often verbally humiliated by Heard.

Depp on Heard sisters: “She poured wine on her face”

“She pushed her around – literally and figuratively. Or she threw wine in her face,” says Johnny Depp. When asked if he ever saw a violent altercation between the two, he said no. He only saw pushes and a firm grip. When arguments between the women escalated, he and his sister’s boyfriend at the time would have left the room several times.

He felt that Whitney Henriquez wanted to please her sister, Depp said – and perhaps tried to scratch her credibility. Because Henriquez, who follows the trial live in the courtroom in Virginia, has already testified on the witness stand and heavily accused Depp. So she told of an argument in which Depp hit her sister several times in the face and pulled her hair. She also took a hit from Depp, Henriquez said in court a week ago. Depp, on the other hand, claims he has never hit a woman. The defamation trial is expected to end this week, with closing arguments expected on Thursday. Then it’s up to the jury to make a decision.