Constitutional amendments: what can you offer the Russians

Together with the military parade on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the victory of the Unified state exam and return to the agenda and deferred to other topics. And the most important — referendum on package of constitutional amendments, which was originally scheduled for April 22, and then the epidemic, the President was postponed until safe times. Now, when they return, returns and this topic. And even already have some certainty. For example, voting on amendments to the Constitution can take place in one day, but in several. This was stated by the Secretary of the CEC, Maya Grishina and explained that stretched for days, the vote — in order not to create a queue at the polling stations and not to put the health of citizens at risk.

the Statement speaks to the fact that preparations for the vote have entered into practice, and thus the event itself is not far off and the date will be announced here. If so, then amend the Constitution again become part of the agenda. Hence, we have now to return to them, Recalling their essence.

First of all, they enshrine in the Constitution the social character of the state. This is when free health care for all, and we are in the period of the epidemic very well feel that it is. But if the President and the government guarantee and prevention, and treatment of each, and help families and children who lost their jobs, help businesses, that is, in manual mode, the adoption of amendments of this character of the Russian state will enshrine in the Constitution forever. Very important.

Changing the structure of the state. The Parliament is entitled to form the government, and the President approves. The government itself becomes more independent with more responsibilities. Although the President shares power, but only for the stability of the entire state of design for the sake of security and stability as conditions of development. Russia remains a country with an undoubtedly strong presidential power.

the Amendment secured the traditional way of Russia. Marriage is notR, is defined as the Union of a man and woman. The multi-ethnic country in the amendments spelled out more clearly, but the position of the Russian language is firmly entrenched. The state has retained a secular character.

In international Affairs, the amendments define the priority of our Constitution on agreements with other countries, these agreements may not be contrary to the fundamental law of Russia. Another important norm of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. Negotiations about the transfer to anyone of our land to the amendments to the Constitution forbid it.

And finally, last but not last in importance. The amendment made by Valentina Tereshkova gives the incumbent President of Russia Vladimir Putin the possibility to go on elections of the President in 2024. Putin took the opportunity, but provided that the constitutional court considers the amendment is justified. The constitutional court has not found contradictions, because the amendment was adopted by the popular vote, and the people in his law as the main source of power.

But will Putin at the elections in 2024, is still unclear. Important for Putin the opportunity to run, and not so much to run, as now, remaining until 2024 time not to be, that is, outgoing President with a fading voice and escaping from the hands of the government. However, Putin is not as interested in power itself, as the security and stability of Russia as a state, the possibility of its development in the coming hard times. They will.

That’s how it was thought that the XXI century began with the terrorist attacks on the twin towers in new York and, as a result of increased claim of America to build a world for themselves, starting wars and threatening military force. And now, it seems, the new world order of the XXI century can determine another phenomenon — pandemic coronavirus. Here it is, a global event, whose consequences can be much more ambitious than, say, the First world war, the predetermined event of the twentieth century.

After all, look what happens. The process of dehumanization comes from our eyes. And rapidly. The West found themselves unable to fight for the lives of its citizens, de facto, cease to be considered human life is precious. Globalization and supranational structures in the course of the pandemic was useless. America could hijack the plane with masks intended for seems to be an ally of France, and are willing to buy up scientists working on a vaccine in the Federal of Germany. Here is the impudence of international selfishness, which opened up a coronavirus, will lead to the fact that international agreements on limiting the arms race will not do, and the economy of the country will be considered only with their own interests. Coronavirus returns the right of the strongest. And here it is, a new way of the XXI century. In international Affairs it disappears the notion of “shameful and predation becomes blatant.

And what kind of leader at the helm, Russia will enter into these turbulent waters, will be decided on the vote on constitutional amendments. That it is coming soon, and the meeting of the Working group on these amendments, which took place in Moscow on may 30.

“We do see that logic today a great many decisions of public authorities is in the logic of these amendments. First of all it concerns the decisions that are taken in order to support our citizens, the support of the population in this whole story,” said Andrei Klishas, a co-chair of the working group on preparation of proposals on introducing amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

“Social unit, which, by the way, the citizens have always noticed that was in demand, and many of our achievements were in one form or another, laid out either in the decrees of the President, or in the Federal laws that we have adopted,” — said Pavel Krasheninnikov, co-chair of the working group on preparation of proposals on introducing amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

“We need to ensure the awareness of citizens, their awareness about the content of the amendments because a considerable part, if not more, is the amendment, which was created in collaboration with our citizens,” said taliya khabrieva, co-chair of the working group on preparation of proposals on introducing amendments to the Constitution.

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