With the start of the fuel tax cut, the prices for petrol and diesel fell. Cartel Office head Andreas Mundt still sees potential for further reductions.

The President of the Federal Cartel Office, Andreas Mundt, wants to keep a close eye on prices at filling stations after the fuel tax reduction and sees potential for further price reductions.

The mineral oil companies would “at least at the present time really carry out their pricing policy under the burning glass of the Federal Cartel Office,” said Mundt on Thursday on Deutschlandfunk. There is great transparency about the prices. This has the advantage “that we can sometimes ask very uncomfortable questions”.

Looking at the price development on Wednesday, the first day with reduced tax, Mundt said: “These are not the numbers that the tank discount allows in full, but of course we are already seeing a significant reduction in fuel prices compared to the previous day.” According to the ADAC, E10 petrol was around 28 cents per liter cheaper on Wednesday than 24 hours earlier, according to the ADAC, at 2:20 p.m., diesel around 11 cents.

The cartel office will not only closely monitor the price development at the gas stations, but also at the refinery and wholesale level, said Mundt.