When Queen Elizabeth II celebrates an impressive 70 years on the British throne this week, a German will take care of the royal well-being. Stefan Pappert is Royal Chef at Windsor Castle.

With Queen Elizabeth II, a German makes sure that something tasty is put on the table – and in the handbag. The preparations for the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s throne have been in full swing for Stefan Pappert and his team for months.

As Royal Chef, the 44-year-old is responsible for looking after Her Majesty around the clock. “Of course, the main thing is that the Queen has enough to eat,” said Pappert of the German Press Agency. ‘If she has to go to London, there’s a little packed. We have a few cookies with us in the handbag. She has juices and water with her. Sometimes you’re more of a logistician than a cook.”

organizational skills and spontaneity

It is still unclear which events of the four-day anniversary celebration the Queen will actually take part in. A great deal of organizational skill and spontaneity is therefore expected from the German chef and his colleagues. “When does she eat? When does she get up? what time do we make breakfast When is dinner?” Many decisions are made for Pappert only at short notice. «Not that she has to go to the toilet in the middle! There are so many things to consider about the whole story.”

Born in Fulda, who calls the Munich Oktoberfest his “culinary home”, not only takes care of the physical well-being of the Queen, but also of her house guests. “The relatives from America are on the way,” said Pappert with a view to the eagerly awaited comeback of Prince Harry, who is visiting from California with Duchess Meghan and the children Archie and Lilibet.

Prince Edward and his family are also expected, while heir to the throne, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla, will probably stay at Clarence House in Westminster, according to Pappert. There are no plans for the disgraced Prince Andrew, who has been relieved of all royal duties. “He doesn’t count anymore,” said the cook. “It’s no longer in our catering.”

Who’s coming for lunch, who’s staying for dinner?

In addition to the house guests who are staying longer, numerous well-wishers are expected at Windsor Castle. “Many want to meet the Queen and congratulate her on the anniversary,” said Pappert with a smile. “It’s like turning 100. Everyone from the mayor to the pastor wants to come by.” A detailed guest list hangs in the large Windsor kitchen detailing who wants what to eat, who’s coming for lunch and who’s staying for dinner.

And what does the Queen like to eat? “There is no such thing as a favorite meal,” said Pappert, who has been cooking for the Royals since 2017. “The Queen normally eats what anyone else would eat.” However, the eating habits of the 96-year-old queen have changed somewhat in recent years. “We made the food a bit saltier simply because the taste diminishes with age. But we made the portions smaller. There are no longer giant plates.”

Stefan Pappert, who is also head chef at London’s famous Wembley Stadium, feeds the queen eight times throughout the day, “simply to give her calories again and again,” says Pappert. In addition to the juices and cookies, there are delicacies such as banana bread, apple cinnamon porridge and elderberry cakes – and a nice German tradition at Christmas. “We have the Munich Stollen there,” said Pappert. “It’s a huge attraction. That’s always possible.”