The mask requirement only applies in a few areas of everyday life. This includes flights. However, Lufthansa no longer wants to oblige its crews to enforce the measures.

Lufthansa has released its crews from the obligation to enforce the mask requirement, which still exists on many flights, by all means.

The number of conflicts with passengers about the corona protection measures has increased sharply, the company reported on Friday in Frankfurt. Reasons are the many relaxations in everyday life and the elimination of the mask requirement in all neighboring countries of Germany.

The company evaluates the increasing disputes as a security risk that must be weighed against other risks. “Since security is a top priority for Lufthansa, the company is adapting its processes,” said a spokesman. The news magazine “Der Spiegel” reported first. However, the captain still has the last word on board.

There should be more reference to duty

Lufthansa explained that it was not going against the law and would continue to point out to passengers at many points in the process their legal obligation to wear masks during flights to and from Germany.

In the past few weeks, the company has publicly opposed the obligation to wear a mask, which also applies to long-distance trains and other public transport in Germany. The European aviation security agency EASA and the EU health authority ECDC lifted their recommendation for the general obligation to wear masks almost two weeks ago.