AstraZeneca is being sued in a class action lawsuit in London’s High Court. The point is that his corona vaccine is said to have led to death and serious injuries in numerous cases. Now the company has apparently made a surprising admission.

For the first time, AstraZeneca has admitted in court documents that its Covid vaccine is said to have caused rare side effects. “The Telegraph” reports on this. However, the company rejects a causal connection to the illnesses because such illnesses could occur even without the AstraZeneca vaccine. Nevertheless, this admission could represent a turning point because it could open the way for compensation payments.

The first case was brought in the Supreme Court in London by Jamie Cott last year. The man suffered a permanent brain injury after the vaccination. This made the father of two unable to work.

Initially, AstraZeneca denied claims that the Covid vaccine was the cause. But the company had already admitted in February that the vaccine, developed in collaboration with the University of Oxford, could cause blood clots in very rare cases, The Telegraph continued. Fifty-one cases have already been filed at the Supreme Court in London, with victims and grieving families claiming damages estimated at up to £100 million. Proceedings against the British company are also underway in Germany. A 33-year-old woman is suing for damages at the Bamberg Higher Regional Court after she suffered an intestinal vein thrombosis following a vaccination. She was then put into an induced coma and had to have part of her intestines removed. “” reports on this

AstraZeneca is the second largest listed company in the UK. In the months following its rollout, scientists identified the vaccine’s potentially serious side effect. It subsequently recommended that under-40s be offered an alternative vaccination, saying the risk of the AstraZeneca vaccine outweighs the harm caused by Covid.