Coronavirus and protests: trump went to look for support in the southern States

the increase in the number of detected cases of coronavirus COVID-19 reported more than half of the American States that does not interfere with the activists of the movement for racial equality bring to the streets more and more people. More and more monuments are falling from their pedestals. Another target of the protesters — Hollywood. From dream factory require to hire less white actors. Against this background, President trump went to the southern States to seek allies in the struggle against chaos and madness that engulfed the country. On whose support he is counting now?

the Voters of Arizona — state oscillating and therefore so important for re-election, Donald trump set up a meeting in a giant Church Dream City. To hear the President of the United States in Phoenix, came 3,000 people. In the hall of the conservative youth — that is, those who trump speaks the same language.

“If you give power to people who demolished the monuments, attacking churches, are taking over the streets and set fire to the house, then there will be nothing sacred and nobody is safe. But if Sleepy Joe becomes President, the whole country will plunge into chaos,” — said the President of the United States.

In Arizona, unlike many other parts of America, the local authorities appeared not shy ten. Against aggressive protesters who tried to break into a Church, police in riot gear used tear gas.

a Pleasant experience Donald Trump has secured the trip to the border to the County of Yuma. The White house showed how under construction so beloved of the wall. Built for 200 miles. On this occasion, on one of the metal spans cemented a plaque that trump smiled and signed it.

to build the Wall on the money of the budget of the United States, but the walls, as you know, things a dual purpose: not only work in order not to let, but not to release. Who knows — if the mess to the North of the wall will continue, maybe in the South as something like a trump, and in fact will join the completion in Mexicothe CE has to invest?

meanwhile, in America continue to fall in Paris. In Charleston made it to the seventh Vice-President John Calhoun. Because Calhoun was a slave owner, his statue winged cranes.

In Wisconsin in Madison, acted barbaric. Piled and smeared with paint, sculpture, established in the XIX century by the local women. Decapitated and thrown into the water the statue of a Norwegian immigrant of Colonel Hans Christian Høeg — although Heeg actually was an opponent of slavery and fought against the confederates. Casually broke Windows and even attacked Senator Tim carpenter by the way, a Democrat — who tried everything to remove.

Police did not intervene. To stand in the way of an aggressive crowd in the form of people in the US is now a more expensive — and in the truest sense. In Seattle the budget of the city administration decided to cut $ 20 million, but mayor Jenny Durkan this is not enough. It requires more police and to halve their costs.

Durkin trying to sit on two chairs, and like the anarchists that seized Capitol hill in downtown Seattle. Now they need to tear down the statue of liberation from slavery in Lincoln Park, and as soon as the mayor hinted that the police would be nice to return rescued her land, again come on the March.

All this over-the-top political activism occurs in the context of the alarming epidemiological situation. And let according to the National Bureau of economic research USA the protests themselves have not yet provoked a growing number of cases, the coronavirus in America again went on the offensive.

of the 26 States report thousands of new cases of infection, seven of them beaten the record of the hospitalization. The worst situation in California — more than five thousand cases per day. But Texas authorities, who opened one of the first, again urged residents to stay home.