Coronavirus brought Scandinavia to the double standards

Sweden is investigating its own controversial approach to combating the pandemic coronavirus. The government has formed a special Commission. She will appreciate the steps taken by the authorities to contain the virus. The verdict should be submitted in February 2022.

the Øresund bridge, connecting Sweden and Denmark, there is a check of documents. The Danes passed the Swedes only of those regions where the low prevalence of coronavirus, for example, from the island of Gotland. Norway does not want to see neighbors.

the Norwegian Evelyn Jonsred even had to move to see my mom who lives on the other side of the border, in Sweden.

“I decided to move to Sweden. In this case, I’m allowed to cross the border with my pass from my Norwegian employer,” explains Evelyn.

Finland has Swedish citizens, but only under the condition of a two-week quarantine, though for Danes and Norwegians it is not mandatory. In the Scandinavian family discord. From Sweden to new friends.

– We are among the countries such as Armenia, Moldova, Northern Macedonia, Azerbaijan. What do you think about this?

– unfortunately, this is a completely incorrect interpretation of data, commented on the issue of the main state epidemiologist of Sweden Anders Tegnell.

In the bug, the main epidemiologist of Sweden Anders Tegnell accuses the world health organization. On the eve of the regional Director for Europe said that in Sweden, as well as another 10 countries have greatly accelerated the spread of the coronavirus. But for Tegnell already and who is not an authority.

“we Have a growing number of new cases of disease in Sweden, but that’s because we started to do more tests,” explains Tegnell.

For the scarce number of tests Sweden has blamed. How effective were the government’s measures will meet the independent investigation. Under pressure from the parliamentary opposition, Prime Minister löfven has announced the beginning of the specialtion Commission. A preliminary report it should be until November 30.
And the question of open borders, the Swedish Prime Minister will discuss the first after the mode isolation internal EU summit on July 17.

because of the need to go to Brussels, Prime Minister of Denmark Mette Frederiksen brings his own wedding.

“the meeting of the EU Council will be held at a time when we were planning the wedding. I need to remember about my work and about the interests of Denmark. I look forward to our wedding with Beau, which fortunately is very patient.”

But whether equally strong Northern passport Union — the prototype of the open EU borders? It is clear that the Swedish strategy for combating coronavirus has hit more and European good neighborly relations.