Multi-billionaire Elon Musk raises allegations against Twitter: The group does not want to give out certain data. Will there still be a takeover?

Elon Musk has accused the Twitter group of breaching the conditions for the billion-dollar takeover of the short message service.

In an open letter from his lawyers on Monday, Twitter said it refused to release data requested by Musk on spam and fake user accounts on the platform. According to the terms of the takeover deal, however, Twitter is obliged to provide data and information that Musk requests in relation to the transaction.

Contrary to what is shown by Twitter, this obligation to provide information does not only apply to very limited purposes. According to the information, Musk also reserves the right to call off the takeover project. Twitter shares fell 6.3 percent premarket in New York.

Musk publicly doubts the information provided by Twitter on the number of spambots and fake accounts. The boss of electric car pioneer Tesla previously agreed with the company to acquire Twitter for $54.20 per share. With prices around 40 dollars, however, investors are currently very skeptical as to whether a corresponding transaction will actually take place.