Turkey apparently has a bone to pick with international diplomacy: the country has been demanding a change in its English name for some time. The problem: Turkey means not only Turkey, but also turkey.

Turkey no longer wants to be called “Turkey” in English in international diplomacy – but “Turkiye”. The English translation of the country’s name has been at odds there for a long time – among other things because the English “Turkey” can also mean “turkey”.

No more turkey: Turkey no longer wants to be called “Turkey”.

Now the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has officially called on the United Nations and other international organizations to use the name “Turkiye” in the future, as the state news agency Anadolu reported on Tuesday.

Turkey had already decided at the end of last year to use the designation “Made in Turkiye” for export products. Erdogan argued that this designation best expresses the culture, civilization and values ​​of the Turkish nation.

State broadcaster TRT wrote: “Type “Turkey” into Google and you’ll be presented with a convoluted array of images, articles and dictionary definitions associating the country with (…) a large bird native to North America.”