Court in Kalmykia declared Yelena Baturina wanted

justice of the peace in Elista declared the former owner of the company “Inteko” and the richest woman in Russia (Forbes estimates her fortune at $1.2 billion), Yelena Baturina wanted as an interim measure in the case of libel where it is held as a defendant. The decree dated 27 December, “Vedomosti” familiar with its copy (the contents confirmed by a representative Baturina). The Complainant in the case, Trustee in bankruptcy of the estate of Victor Baturin Arentsen of Manjeev also confirmed that the court declared Baturina wanted and ordered her to appear in court.

In early September of Sanjeev went to court and asked to bring Baturina criminally responsible for libel. He asked the court to elect a measure of restraint in the form of house arrest, but the court did not see evidence of this, stated in the document. In the judge’s ruling does not say what kind of statement Baturina manjeev of disputes (“Bulletin” asked for comments of the plaintiff on the merits of the dispute). Justifying his decision to declare Baturina wanted, the judge writes that it is necessary for her participation in the trial. All prior notice of the need to appear in court Baturina was ignored, and her statement with a request to consider the dispute in its absence, with the participation of its representatives the court did not consider according to formal requirements (no date).

Wanted, but no arrest

the wanted list does not mean automatic arrest. After the court or the investigator on the investigation he was sent to the police, which is engaged in the search, including making a database of wanted persons, says senior partner ZKS Andrey Grivtsov. “At detention the man delivered to the initiator of search, but his arrest only in case of the announcement in the international search. In this case, the person may be detained on the territory of other States, after which it can begin the extradition procedure. The measure of restraint in form of detention shall be elected only by judicial rethe solution,” he notes.

the Representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Kalmykia, told “Vedomosti” that the Agency has not yet received the decision of the Elista judges.

Died, the former mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov, He died in a Munich clinic from complications after heart surgery the Society Comments of the parties

the Baturina Representative told “Vedomosti” that the decree of the Kalmyk judge is illegal and will be appealed. In his opinion, the judge “grossly ignores the presence in court of advocates Baturina”. “This ruling is the next step in the raider attack on Baturina from the structures A1 Michael Friedman using her old adversary, the Victor Baturin and his unreasonable demands,” he said.

According to him, representatives of Baturina’s appeal against the ruling and will be issuing a statement in qualifying Board of judges with the requirement to check the actions of judges who have committed serious violations.

Viktor Baturin assured Vedomosti that the decision of the Kalmyk judges is not relevant. “A1 is irrelevant to any decision about the search Baturina does not and in this case is not involved,” said Director of legal Affairs A1 Alexander Zablocki.

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Baturina invests in real estate investment funds in Europe and the United States. The market value of assets Baturina in these funds the representative was estimated by Forbes a year ago of $500 million Baturina in an interview with “Rain” in 2013, told about one of his funds is Queensgate Investments (a partnership of three large and well-known in the real estate market of the UK companies).

In 2017 Yelena Baturina became one of the Trustees of the Fund of the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, which helps young Londoners from poor families, but in 2019 he came out of him.

In 2018 Baturina together with LJ Investments allocated funds for the construction of two centers of psychological help for cancer patients, Maggie’s, it is possible to open a new centre at St Bartholomew’s and to begin construction of the second centre at the Royal Marsden hospital (both medical institutions spetsializiruyutsya on cancer), wrote Forbes. She is also the co-owner of the German company Hightex producing membrane structures for sports facilities, and investor development funds projects in Europe and the United States. In 2019, it became known that Baturin has engaged in cheese-making business, she belongs to an English company Artisan Farm Ltd, which produces brie and Gouda under the brand Beau Farm.

Russian Forbes estimated the state Baturina $1.2 billion.

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Sanjeev is a financial managing Baturina’s brother Viktor, with whom she has long years of conflict over assets – the company “Inteko”, the origins of which he stood. Over the past ten years, the businessman has participated in more than 10 trials, calculated “statements”, but they all usually ended not in his favor.

on the Contrary, the Baturyn in 2013, Gagarinsky court of Moscow sentenced to seven years in prison on charges of fraud with bills “Inteko” and later it was declared bankrupt. In January 2016, the Supreme court of Kalmykia prematurely released him from prison. In the 1990s, Buchanan during the year, led the government of the Republic. In 2018 Manjeev demanded to recover for the benefit Baturina losses of 7.3 billion rubles., but to no avail.

Baturin! [/b Conflict lasts since 2006, when the wife of the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov kicked his brother out of the company. He inherited a 50% stake in a subsidiary of “Inteko-agro” and the construction business in Sochi. Businessman demanded the court the legal registration of the dismissal and due compensation, but to achieve this failed.