The basement is gradually overflowing and you just can’t find anything? Use the lockdown to really tidy up. We have tips and tricks.

Anyone who has a basement, a garage or a storage room will certainly know this: At the beginning you try to keep order and not let chaos break out, but over time that is exactly what happens. Unnecessary things pile up and you can’t find anything again and there is no longer any real order. It’s not that difficult to keep track of things. But how can you effectively clean up the basement when the chaos is already there? We have tips and tricks.

What is the best way to go about cleaning up the basement?

In view of the chaos, it is usually difficult to find a start. It is therefore important to get an overview before cleaning up:

Then it’s time to sort. The things that are no longer needed for everyday life, that are broken or in poor condition should be radically sorted out and disposed of. This is usually done with a trip to the recycling center. Things that are in good condition but are no longer needed should either be given away or sold. It is best to take attractive photos of things and describe them in detail. And: If you no longer need things like baby equipment, toys or other things in the future, it is best to sell them immediately and not to store them in the first place. Then there will be no chaos.

The things that are supposed to stay now need an order and a fixed place to which they should always find their way back. This can be a labeled box or a fixed compartment in the basement shelf. In order to organize this properly, you should get the following things – if you don’t already have them.

Clean up the basement: what do I need for this?

Make an appointment to clean up the basement

And then you should choose a fixed date when you clean out the basement, throw out old things or offer them for sale and sort and put away things that should stay. You should really comply with that. And always put things back in their place in the future. In this way, you keep everything in order. For motivation, you can reward yourself after the work done and treat yourself to something special from the sales. Or have a friend help you and reward yourself with a special meal or something similar at the end. Then the basement can be cleaned up all the more motivated!

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