Fynn Kliemann has been quiet since his recent freak on Instagram. Now, however, documents show that he is no longer the managing director of his Kliemann country.

It’s been almost four weeks since a visibly upset Fynn Kliemann raged on Instagram against the media and critical voices. Since then it has become rather quiet around the entrepreneur.

Fynn Kliemann no longer managing director of Kliemannsland

According to the commercial register, Kliemann has no longer been the managing director of Kliemannsland GmbH since July 15. Three other managing directors left the GmbH together with Kliemann.

It is the latest development in a cause that has now been going on for some time. In May, Kliemann announced that he wanted to clean up after Jan Böhmermann and his editors of “ZDF Magazin Royale” uncovered startling mask deals.

A month after freaking out on Instagram

At the heart of the TV report was the question of whether the textile company Global Tactics did business with a wholesaler in 2020 and the country of production was deliberately kept secret – masks came from Asia instead of Europe. The allegations also relate to defective masks that were donated to refugees.

The U-turn on Kliemann’s Instagram profile followed in June. He made mistakes, he apologized, he said on Instagram. “But here people who have decided for themselves and you to realize themselves are taken into clan custody for me and that’s wrong. What does ‘Kliemannsland’ have to do with it? Nothing. And the people there certainly don’t,” he said in reference to the adventure farm that he created and named after himself.

The trigger at the time was possibly a video from “Kliemannsland”, in which the operators position themselves and explain how they want to work in the future. Now it seems to be clear how the adventure farm could continue – without the former figurehead, the DIY jack of all trades Kliemann.

Source: Commercial register