In the town of Lienen in the Steinfurt district, a man died after being attacked with a knife. The perpetrator is said to be on the run.

A 55-year-old was killed in a knife attack in Lienen (NRW) on Wednesday evening. Despite attempts at resuscitation, he succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the crime near the train station, said senior public prosecutor Martin Botzenhardt in the evening.

A 45-year-old suspect is on the run and his identity is known to the investigators, according to a joint statement from the Münster public prosecutor, the Steinfurt police and the Münster police.

“The background to the crime is still unclear, the investigation is at the very beginning,” said Botzenhart. However, there are initial findings that indicate that both men knew each other and “the motive should lie in the private sphere.”

A witness reportedly saw an altercation between the two men and informed the police. The homicide commission is investigating – and asking for information.