According to the first investigations by the police on Wednesday, the two men are said to have gotten into an argument at the train station in Lienen. One of them is now dead.

After a deadly knife attack on a 55-year-old in Lienen (NRW), the police discovered the suspect’s car.

The car of the wanted 45-year-old was secured on Friday evening at the train station in neighboring Lengerich, the police said on Saturday. A witness recognized the gray car after the investigators called for a search and informed the officials.

“There is a possibility that the accused drove to the train station in Lengerich immediately after the crime,” the investigators said. The police were looking for other witnesses who could have seen the 45-year-old Syrian at the station or on a train.

The 55-year-old was stabbed to death at the train station in Lienen on Wednesday afternoon. Police are looking for the suspect with a manslaughter warrant. According to initial investigations, the two men are said to have gotten into an argument before the crime. “In the further course, the 45-year-old is said to have stabbed the 55-year-old several times with a knife,” it said. There have been arguments between the two men in the past.