A money transporter is attacked in front of a bank building in Berlin. The perpetrators manage to escape. Four people are injured. It is not the first attack of this kind in Berlin.

A money transporter was robbed in front of a bank branch near Berlin’s Kurf├╝rstendamm on Wednesday morning. The perpetrators escaped with their loot.

At the scene of the crime, they left four people with minor injuries: a security guard and a security guard, as well as two employees from a bank branch. The police moved out with 90 forces to the crime scene in the western part of downtown Berlin. There was still no trace of the perpetrators in the afternoon.

According to the police’s current knowledge, the robbery happened around 11:15 a.m. in front of a Postbank branch. Several perpetrators are said to have been involved in the act – how many exactly was initially unclear. The perpetrators sprayed tear gas during the attack. Several shots are said to have been fired in the air. The background of the perpetrators and how much money they stole was initially unknown.

Raid went very quickly

An eyewitness working in an office above the bank heard two shots. From the window, she saw a black car and two to three masked men, the woman at the scene said. According to them, the crime happened very quickly. The “Bild” newspaper published photos of the alleged getaway car, a black Audi.

There have been a number of robberies on money transporters in Berlin in recent years. In February, strangers struck in front of a supermarket in the Neuk├Âlln district and stole money. A robbery of a money transporter in front of a bank branch on Berlin’s Ku’damm in 2021 was spectacular: the perpetrators wore orange garbage man clothing and stole almost 650,000 euros. The court sentenced a man to seven years in prison, but four of the perpetrators have not yet been identified.