The Pole was wanted on a European arrest warrant after he allegedly killed a four-month-old baby in Germany in 2016. Now the Polish police have found the suspect.

Police in Poland have arrested a 52-year-old man suspected of killing a four-month-old baby in Germany in September 2016.

The Poles had been wanted by the authorities in Flensburg with a European arrest warrant since May, a police spokeswoman in Gdansk told the German Press Agency on Monday. She did not provide any information about the place in Germany where the crime took place.

According to a police statement, the man had been hiding from the investigative authorities in Germany and had changed his place of residence very often. The Polish investigators finally found out that the suspect had returned to Poland from Germany. They arrested him in an apartment in Slupsk west of Gdańsk. The man offered no resistance. He is now to be extradited to Germany.