Once again, a babysitter is suspected of child abuse. Just like the main accused in the Wermelskirchen case, the man from Cologne is said to have offered his care services via the Internet.

A man from Cologne is said to have abused four children as a babysitter. An arrest warrant had been issued against the 33-year-old for serious sexual abuse, police and prosecutors said on Wednesday.

The alleged victims are between two and seven years old, one of the children has a disability. According to previous investigations, the man is said to have offered his services as a supervisor via an Internet platform. The Cologne police only reported a major case of abuse at the end of May: The main suspect from Wermelskirchen is said to have also found his victims as a babysitter via the Internet.

However: the new procedure does not result from the investigation into the Wermelskirchen abuse complex, the public prosecutor emphasized. As of now, the two cases have nothing to do with each other. Because of the obvious parallels, the new procedure is also being processed by the special organizational structure (BAO) “List” at the Cologne police, which takes care of Wermelskirchen. In the abuse complex, only ten percent of all data has been evaluated.

The 44-year-old from Wermelskirchen is said to have abused at least twelve children and exchanged child pornographic images and videos “of unimaginable brutality” with dozens of other men. So far, investigators have identified 73 suspects and 33 victims, the youngest of whom was just a month old. Children with disabilities were also among the victims.

The police tracked down the 33-year-old who was arrested in Cologne-Zollstock through a report by a mother whose four-year-old daughter he is said to have abused. The accused remain silent on the allegations. The investigators secured numerous data carriers from him, the evaluation is still ongoing.