Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is reacting to the recent killing spree in neighboring USA. The cruel act of an 18-year-old in Uvalde, Texas, caused international horror.

Barely a week after the devastating killing spree at a US elementary school that killed 21, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced stricter gun laws in the neighboring country to the north.

With a new bill, his government wants to stop private ownership of handguns and prevent people from importing such guns into Canada or buying or selling them within Canada, Trudeau said. Persons who are noticed because of domestic violence should therefore lose their gun licenses. In addition, the penalties for illegal trade in weapons are to be increased.

In the US state of Texas, an 18-year-old gunman caused a bloodbath at an elementary school last Tuesday. The Uvalde killing spree has fueled the debate about tightening gun laws in the United States. Many Republicans in particular have been blocking stricter regulations for years.