Police operation in Wuppertal: A man handles first with a knife and then with a pistol. An officer shoots at him.

A man wielding a knife and pistol was shot by officers during a police operation in Wuppertal. He was taken to a hospital with injuries, said a spokesman for the Wuppertal police. No other injuries were initially known.

Police had been told that a man armed with a knife was threatening pedestrians downtown. Because he did not respond to speeches by the emergency services, the officers used pepper spray. The man still did not put down the knife, but continued with it, the Hagen police and the Wuppertal public prosecutor added in the evening. Shortly thereafter, he sat down on a bench and threatened to injure the officers and himself with the knife. Then he suddenly pulled out a pistol and pointed it at the police officers. He was then overpowered with a shot.

The background and other details, such as the man’s age, were initially unknown. According to the police, the investigations are being conducted by the Hagen police headquarters for reasons of neutrality. This formed an investigative commission.