A shot is fired at a school in Bremerhaven, a woman is injured. The perpetrator is arrested. Little is known yet.

A shot was fired at a high school in Bremerhaven on Thursday. A woman was injured with the gun, a police spokeswoman said. She came to the hospital. It was initially unclear whether life was in danger.

The perpetrator was arrested after the crime. Police searched the school. The police did not initially release any further details about the perpetrator and the crime.

The students of the affected Lloyd-Gymnasium (upper level) on Grazer Straße in Bremerhaven-Mitte initially stayed with their teachers in their classrooms after the crime. “The police have the situation under control on site,” the police said in a statement.

The officials had previously called on the population to avoid Mayor Martin Donandt Square and the adjacent streets.

The Bremerhaven City Council set up an information phone for parents.