An ATM in Castrop-Rauxel was hacked early Thursday morning. The police followed the advice of a woman and moved out. Several shots are said to have been fired.

Several shots were fired after an ATM in Castrop-Rauxel was blown up. Because a police witness reported a detonation early Thursday morning, a patrol car drove to the Sparkasse branch and discovered three suspects there, the police said.

“Several shots were fired later.” It is not clear from the report whether only the police fired or the suspects did as well. A police spokeswoman said that they did not want to go into this because of the ongoing investigation. The fact is that one suspect was injured and the police officers were unharmed.

The injured man was arrested on the spot in the Ruhr area city and taken to a hospital. There was no danger to life. The other two suspects fled in a car. The search, in which a helicopter was also used, did not get the police any further at first. The crime scene was cordoned off over a wide area. It was initially unclear whether the perpetrators had gotten money after the machine was blown up.