The police in Leipzig arrested a 21-year-old suspected of planning a killing spree. The reference to the possible act of violence in a school came via Snapchat.

After pointing out a possible rampage announcement on the Internet, the police arrested a man in Leipzig on Thursday.

Forces of the special task force and the Leipzig police department secured the 21-year-old in an apartment in the south of the city, as a police spokesman confirmed in the morning. The “Bild” newspaper had previously reported.

The social network Snapchat informed the American authorities because a user’s video indicated a possible act of violence in a school.

As part of international cooperation, the tips ended up at the Leipzig police department via the state and federal criminal police. Initial investigations had shown that the user was the 21-year-old from Leipzig. “Based on the video, we had a serious risk forecast and had to act. Now it’s about determining the exact circumstances, “said the police spokesman. He did not initially provide any further information.