Klaus Steinbacher plays the suspected lover in “Tatort: ​​In his eyes”. The actor has been in front of the camera since he was a child.

Actor Klaus Steinbacher (28) plays the lover Hannes, who is suspected of murder, in “Tatort: ​​In his eyes” (June 26, the first). The Bavarian actor was already in front of the camera as a child.

From “He who dies earlier is dead longer” to “The Emperor”

In the surprise success “Who dies earlier is dead longer” (2006) by director Marcus H. Rosenmüller (48), he was seen as Toni, one of the classmates of the main actor Sebastian Schneider (Markus Krojer, 28). The two later stood together as the very different Hoflinger brothers for the event series “Oktoberfest 1900” (2020, the first) in front of the camera.

Before this history series, however, there was another highlight for Steinbacher: In the first season of the successful Sky series “Das Boot” (2018), he embodied the torpedo mechanic mate/corporal Josef Wolf. “It was a tough time, but it was also a very nice time,” he recalled before the premiere in an interview with spot on news about the shooting. All in all, he really liked being on the series, not least “because you can tell an anti-war series very well in a submarine”. “What happened in the submarines was really terrible. 30,000 of the 40,000 men who went out never came back…”

In the coming-of-age tragic comedy “Hannes” (2021) by director Hans Steinbichler (55) based on the novel by Eberhofer crime writer Rita Falk (58), Steinbacher was also part of the party.

Another exciting film project was announced in April this year. The life of soccer legend Franz Beckenbauer (76) is being filmed and Klaus Steinbacher has taken on the title role in the Sky biopic “Der Kaiser”.

“If on every grave of a murdered man…”

So much for the actor behind the suspected lover in the detective story. But there is one more question that some viewers could ask themselves. Because the Mainz commissioners Ellen Berlinger (Heike Makatsch, 50) and Martin Rascher (Sebastian Blomberg, 50) repeatedly hint at a saying. Where is this from?

“If a candle were to burn on every grave of a murdered person, who we mistakenly assume died of natural causes, all cemeteries would be brightly lit at night,” said Horst Herold (1923-2018), according to “bdk”. was President of the Federal Criminal Police Office from 1971 to 1981. This famous symbol has not lost any of its topicality, comments the Association of German Criminal Investigators.