In “Tatort: ​​The Cold House” a husband reports his wife as missing. Traces of blood suggest the worst. Is the thriller worth it?

In the “crime scene: the cold house” (Whit Monday, June 6, 8:15 p.m., the first) the Dresden commissioners Karin Gorniak (Karin Hanczewski, 40), Leonie Winkler (Cornelia Gröschel, 34) and her boss Peter Michael Schnabel investigate (Martin Brambach, 54) in the case of a missing wife.

That’s what “Tatort: ​​The Cold House” is about

A wife initially disappears without a trace from her house, which was obviously broken into. Traces of blood suggest the worst. Her husband Simon Fischer (Christian Bayer) called the police, but then left the house. Gorniak, Winkler and Schnabel initiate a large-scale search for Kathrin Fischer (Amelie Kiefer).

The desperate fisherman quickly finds himself in the focus of the investigation: the traces in the house were manipulated, the break-in was apparently faked – but the forensic technology found older remains of blood. Neighbors and colleagues give different accounts, but there are indications that Fischer beat and terrorized his wife. Did he want to prevent her from leaving him and therefore killed her and faked a kidnapping?

Or did Kathrin Fischer secretly prepare the escape and stage the bloody deed to incriminate her husband because she can only be safe from him when he is in prison? In addition, her friend Beate Lindweg (Katharina Behrens) plays a dubious role in this marriage: Before Kathrin, she was in a relationship with Simon Fischer…

The Dresden investigators have to find out what happened and descend into the abyss of a toxic marriage.

Is it worth turning on?

Yes. The film is gripping from the beginning in the dark house to the showdown at the end. This is due to the interestingly woven screenplay, but above all to the actors. Schnabel fans can be happy, because this time the cranky police chief is finally getting a little more involved with the unbelievable sayings.

And the lead actor in the episode, Christian Bayer (born 1977), embodies the theatrically desperate, choleric, completely unpredictable and hallucinating husband frighteningly well – all co-commissioners in the audience should be told: No, that’s not absolutely necessarily a clue to the perpetrator.

The aspect of domestic violence against women is insightfully incorporated and hovers over the film as a dark cloud. “How often does a man try to kill his wife? – Every day, every 3rd day with success,” says the “crime scene”. In stark contrast, the Internet icon “happiness seeker”, “a genuinely trained psychologist” (Schabel quote), who teaches others how to be happy, shines.