And another attack on an ATM in North Rhine-Westphalia, this time in Ibbenbüren. The perpetrators escaped in a car. Could they loot money?

Shots were fired again after the explosion of an ATM in North Rhine-Westphalia. At around 3.30 a.m. on Friday morning, gangsters blew up an ATM in Ibbenbüren in Münsterland, the Münster police said on Friday.

In order to cut off the escape route for the perpetrators, the police blocked the nearby access to the A30 motorway in the direction of the Netherlands. In fact, a very fast-moving car soon appeared, bypassed the police barrier on the grass verge and headed for an officer.

Homicide detective

The officer had to save himself by jumping to the side and then fired several shots at the car speeding away in the direction of Amsterdam. A homicide commission has started the investigation.

The public prosecutor’s office is investigating on suspicion of having caused an explosive explosion and attempted murder of a police officer. It was initially unclear whether the gangsters could loot in the Sparkasse branch: Because of the extensive damage, the building could not initially be entered.

Police are looking for witnesses

Four people were in the apartments above the ATM during the explosion. These could not return to their apartments until further notice. A structural engineer should check how severe the damage to the building is.

The police are looking for witnesses who saw the getaway vehicle before or after the crime and who can provide information. The police officers themselves would not have recognized the brand or the number plate of the car in the dramatic situation.

A day earlier, shots had also been fired after an ATM in Castrop-Rauxel had been blown up. A patrol was on site very quickly and surprised three suspects at the Sparkassen branch concerned.

A suspected automatic sprinkler was hit by a police bullet and injured. The other two suspects fled in a car.